Apple is selling out of iPods across the world, not just in the US, and many Mac models are also seeing constraint, multiple sources have explained.

In the UK, multiple industry sources have this morning confirmed the product's running scarce, "we have been selling vast amounts of the whole range," one explained.

Heat surrounds iPod

Apple's new iPod photo is also selling well, though consumers remain focused on iPods and iPod minis. Pink, silver and gold iPod mini's remain firm consumer favourites in the UK.

iPod retailers across the UK are running short of stock - and there's unlikely to be fresh stock available to them until "next year", Macworld UK has learned.

With the opening of Apple's Regent Street store, one reseller complained: "iPods all seem to be going to the Regent Street store and not the dealers".

It's one of the most in-demand electronics products on the market. Apple yesterday told Associated Press: "To try to meet the high demand, we're making and shipping iPods as fast as we can".

Macworld Expo product drought drives speculation

Macworld Expo begins January 11, and the focus is on Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech on January 12. The Mac world awaits this moment, and build times for all Apple products have climbed to three weeks, a reseller said.

"All Apple products (apart from Xserve and Xserve RAID) have now been flagged as being on a three-week build time, taking us well into the new year before any more product is likely to ship."

The situation may be changing, at least according to one source, who said: "In the last two weeks many stock shortages have ended." There are exceptions to this:

Top-of-the-range Power Mac drought

Macworld readers who have recently purchased dual 2.5GHz G5 Power Macs said they have now been told they'll have to wait up to two months for their new Mac to ship.

The delay on this product remains universal: "The G5 dual 2.5GHz is now flagged as six weeks", a reseller confirmed.

"They are in deep trouble still on this product".

Another described the product as "unobtainable".

iMacs and iBooks continue to sell well in the UK. While iBook stock is scarce, the existing backlog on 20-inch iMac G5s should "clear by Christmas".

14-inch iBooks are "thin on the ground". Apple's SuperDrive-equipped eMacs and 17-inch PowerBooks are also out of stock to channel, a source claimed.

Trouble at the (Stockley Park) rumourmill?

Apple UK has its headquarters at Stockley Park, just near Uxbridge. Macworld continues to hear rumours that this may change. It appears the lease on this property is up for renewal in the first half of 2005, and that the company may be changing its UK base as a result.

UPDATE: An Apple spokesman has dismissed the Stockley Park runours as, "pure speculation".

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