Media 100 has launched Media 100 version 6.0 - its Internet video-streaming package - in the US.

Version 6.0 offers high-quality digital-video production, and streaming-media solutions. It includes single-click output to streaming formats, advanced compositing, and productive editorial features.

This version is the first major revision since Media 100's merger with Terran Interactive. John Molinari, chief executive officer at Media 100, said: "Our vision in merging with Terran Interactive is to couple the creation of high-quality video programs, with the tools to stream, or broadcast, them on the Internet.

"Media 100 version 6.0 is the first system to simplify and speed the process of creating and broadcasting Internet video. This is a significant step toward our vision to make every personal computer user a potential Internet broadcaster.''

Media 100 systems ship with Media Cleaner EZ 4.0. It outputs to all industry-standard streaming formats - including Apple, Microsoft, Real Networks and more.

Version 6.0 is able, through a single menu selection, to export video data from the Media 100 timeline, and launch Media Cleaner pre-loaded and ready for streaming-media optimization. Video exported from Media 100 6.0 is in a native Media Cleaner format, which helps produce higher quality images and reduced data size.

Media 100 6.0 also lets users export the Media 100 timeline directly into After Effects in separate layers, with all the clip information present for streamlined-compositing.

Media 100 6.0 is NTSC, or PAL compliant. The package also includes editorial features, such as Slip and Slide editing, Quick launch - a user-definable application launching from within Media 100 - and Border Softness - a full range of softness for transition and effects borders. The package also hosts a huge number of additional features.

We'll put UK prices here as and when they become available.