Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote speech at Apple's Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in May.

The company has also extended the deadline for developers to apply for discounted registration (Early Bird Registration) to the event. Developers now have until April 19 to register. Early Bird Registration costs $1,295 – $300 less than the standard price. This offer was due to end April 14.

OS X to 'come of age' WWDC runs May 6-10. This year’s event is widely predicted to be the ‘Coming of Age’ of Mac OS X. Apple’s director of developer technologies, Richard Kerris, told Macworld that Apple expects this year’s event to be the “best yet”.

Apple’s Web site promises attendees the chance to explore the “powerful new capabilities of the next major release of Mac OS X” during the show. WWDC also features talks, speeches, workshops, and conference sessions – with a chance to speak with Apple’s engineering team.

The event kicks off with a keynote speech from Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Monday May 6 at 10am (6pm GMT), Apple announced today.

Jobs said: “With Mac OS X taking centre-stage, it’s a very exciting time to be a Mac developer. To get our developers even more excited, we'll be giving them a sneak-peak at the next release of OS X, codenamed 'Jaguar'.”

Other activities at WWDC include: Technical sessions on OS X; Labs sessions; an Exhibitor Fair showcasing the latest development tools and procedures; and the seventh Apple Design Awards.