Newer Technology, the big-name manufacturer of Mac processor upgrades, has ceased operations and is to file for bankruptcy.

Straight after Christmas, the company sent notice to employees alerting them that their services were no longer required. The
letter also indicated that a shareholder meeting would be held on January 8th to vote on the issue of filing bankruptcy.

Newer has given no explanation for its nose dive, but analysts point the finger at Apple’s falling market share and Motorola’s failure to bump its PowerPC G3 and G4 processors above 500MHz.

Proud pioneer Reflecting on the positive events in Newer's past, Roger Kasten Jr. - former VP, Strategic Development & Evangelism of Newer Technology, Inc. - thanked current and former Apple employees – including Doug MacMillan, Sandy Green, Jon Rubinstein, Phil Schiller, and Guy Kawasaki - for affording him “countless opportunities and immense fun”.

Kasten, who joined Newer Technology on October 1, 1986, eulogised the innovative but ultimately doomed company: “Newer started off by innovating PC memory and bar-code products. I am proud to say that I am responsible for Newer designing products for Macintosh computers. I directed the shift from PC to Mac. That conversion was enabled by a group of excellent engineers. We have pioneered everything from new types of memory products to docking bars to multi-processor CPU upgrades.

“Through it all we have adhered to one simple premise: design and build products so that we would be happy if we bought them,” he added.

Innovative upgrader Kasten paid tribute to Newer’s “many groundbreaking products”. Newer was the first to ship PowerPC 604e CPU upgrades G3 upgrades for 7300-9600 series, G4 upgrades for 7300-9600 series, G3 upgrades for the 6100, 7100 & 8100 series. The company was also first to ship iMac G3 and G4 upgrades.. On the portable side, Newer shipped the first Memory Cards for the Mac laptops, and the first colour PowerBook screen upgrade.

Kasten signed off his press release: “Never lose faith! Never lose hope! Never give up! Enjoy life and have some fun. Oh yeah… Long live the Mac!!!!!!!!”.