The US military has released its new action RPG game for those of a militaristic bent.

America's Army: Special Forces is available now for Mac and Linux. This is the latest release in the US forces strategy to drive recruitment through entertainment.

The game: "Focuses on the critical specialized role of the Army's special forces as they fight the global war on terrorism," says the US Army press office.

Players explore the development and deployment of special forces soldiers. To be released in a series, the first portion is titled America's Army: Special Forces (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) and available now with six new single-player and multiplayer missions. The second installment, America's Army: Special Forces (Qualification Course), will be released in Spring 2004.

Future releases of America's Army: Special Forces will expand player's exploration of the roles of special forces soldiers. "New game experiences will include High Altitude, Low-Opening (HALO) parachute insertion techniques and overmatch capabilities that enable detachments to defeat hostile forces of much larger size," it said.

To build the game, developers worked directly with the US Green Berets. Deputy director of the Army Game Project, Major Christopher Chambers was in action in Afghanistan with elements of the elite 20th Special Forces Group. Captain Jason Amerine who fought with local anti-Taliban Afghan forces also helped develop the game.

The developers also used Combat Camera reference materials recorded by soldiers on the front lines.

The free title is available for download.