The US Army has a new conquest in its sights - the Mac.

The US military unleashed its America's Army game for PCs on July 4 2002. It plans to bring the game to the Mac platform next month.

Since release, over a million gamers have undergone basic training and progressed to complete over 130 million missions, clocking up over 13 million hours of game-play. It has become one of the most popular online PC games.

It game is designed to "provide civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in the US Army". The military harnessed online game technologies to create the title, which explores the life of a soldier in the military. It lets soldiers explore and dominate challenges such as basic training to Special Forces selection-procedures. Gamers get to join elite units and take part in virtual missions.

The military will release a number of expansion packs in the coming weeks, including Combat Medics, Special Forces, and other military career paths.

The Army ran a series of exercises around the LA Convention Center to help publicize its announcements at the E3 gaming show. These included mock air-assaults, rapelling from Black Hawk helicopters, mock search-and-rescue missions, and a public display of military hardware.

Project originator and director Colonel Casey Wardynski said: "The Game has proven to be a valuable channel to place information about soldiering within the decision space of high potential young Americans."