Connectix has resumed sales of its Playstation emulators for Power Macintosh G3s and G4s, after a US appeals court overturned an injunction obtained by Sony.

Connectix said customers can place orders for the $49 Virtual Game Station through its Web site.

Under US law, the case was returned to a district-level court for final resolution. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Connectix, concluding: "The Virtual Game Station does not contain any of Sony's copyrighted material."

The court also ruled that Connectix' reverse-engineering of the Playstation was "fair use, necessary to permit Connectix to make its non-infringing Virtual Game Station function with Playstation games".

"The court has recognized that reverse engineering is a common, legitimate, and valuable development practice, protected under law," said Roy McDonald, CEO of Connectix.

He added: "We are pleased to be able to bring our product back to the Macintosh community and launch it in the Windows market. Now consumers on both platforms will enjoy their right to choose to play PlayStation games on these computers, and Sony and game developers can benefit from the expanded market for their games as a result of this choice."

The 25 page finding is available under case 99-15852