Against expectations, the US Supreme Court refrained from announcing if it intends hearing Microsoft’s appeal of the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) anti-trust case.

It was believed that the Supreme Court would announce it’s decision last Friday. The decision would have been in the form of an order list which was issued Friday, but no mention of the case appeared in the list.

When will it end? Order lists say which cases the court will hear and which it will not. The court has been asked to take a direct appeal in the government's antitrust case against the software maker. Though the case was not included in Friday's order list, there is still the possibility that it might appear in an order list during the next month.

The DOJ has argued that the case should be on the appeals "fast track", and go straight to the Supreme Court, because there is compelling public interest in having the matter resolved. Microsoft contends that the government has made a "newfound reading" of the Expediting Act, which allows for direct Supreme Court review of antitrust cases deemed "of general public importance in the administration of justice".