A US Government computing title has published a review of Apple's iBook.

Government Computer News describes the iBook as "sleek and way too delicate, adding that is like a "wow, man! competitor when the gun goes off".

The reviewer added: "I admit to sometimes being swayed by product styling, even over performance. But the iBook didn’t disappoint," he says.

The reviewer praises the internal mounting of the wireless card. "Nothing sticks out of the computer to get broken off". Another aspects praised is the touch pad. "The most perfectly responsive I’ve ever used on a notebook."

It's a truly good-looking computer," the reviewer concludes.

He does however complain of a bug. "Mac OS X 10.3, has a bug that tends to crash the iBook when it’s in sleep mode for more than a couple of hours, unless you’ve logged out."

The article concludes: "All in all, the iBook confirmed my personal choice to switch from Windows to Mac OS. But there is a learning curve for new users. As a replacement unit for users of System 9, you won’t get many complaints."