A pair of new iTunes promotions have begun in the US, where you can now pick up free songs with a coffee or a car hire.

Avis Rent A Car's new scheme gives customers at least five free songs each time they rent a motor – the more they rent cars, the more free songs they receive.

In future, Avis plans to add cars equipped with iPod integration systems to its fleet. "With over one billion songs downloaded from the iTunes Music Store, I think consumers have shown how much they want this product," said Scott Deaver, executive vice president of marketing for Cendant Car Rental Group, parent of Avis.

In another promotion, US coffee shop chain Caribou Coffee has announced its "Wake Up and Smell the Music" campaign, with 30,000 prizes up for grabs, including iPods and iTunes song downloads. The top prize winner will receive 1,000 free iTunes tracks, or a $1,000 Caribou gift card. The promotion will be heavily marketed across the country and will see five million specially marked coffee cups distributed.