A recent US poll could confound analyst predictions of a positive bounce in the PC market, as it indicates that consumer intent to buy PCs is at its lowest since the US invasion of Iraq.

The IBD TIPP Home Computer Purchase Outlook Index reached 17.5 in October, just above its all-time low of 17.3 in March. It's the second lowest since data collection began in April 2002.

Just 19.7 per cent of consumers asked said the were likely to buy a new PC within the next six months. A representative of the firm, TIPP president Raghavan Mayur, told Investors Business Daily: "For now, it looks like a considerable slowdown in PC sales is ahead."

Gartner analyst Charles Smulders said: "We remain cautious in the sense that the (PC industry) recovery has been based on consumer spending rather than on the more cyclical and predictable commercial spending."

Macs were the platform of choice for 7.5 per cent of buyers, except among consumers intending to buy notebooks, where Macs were the preferred platform for 9 per cent of respondents.

78 per cent of US households have a PC.