The iBook scheme expansion planned by Maine State has been postponed.

The laptop computer programme will not be extended into high schools this autumn as the plans did not receive enough votes at the legislative session last Friday.

Co-chair of the Legislature's Education and Cultural Affairs Committee Glenn Cummings said: "In the bigger picture, I think this is a loss to Maine students. While the financial limits of state government understandably made it difficult to expand the laptops at this time, virtually all of the evidence we have points to a positive and significant academic impact on students."

According to an Associated Press report in Maine News, the administration still plans to spend $8 million to put a wireless infrastructure in place as it reportedly doesn't need legislative authorization to spend on wireless networks. It is hoped that having the infrastructure in place will help the proponents of the laptop scheme win approval in the next legislative session.

However, the administration is facing criticism for spending on this infrastructure without full legislative backing to expand the laptop program into high-schools.