A US school district will not renew or extend its lease for Apple iBooks, turning down the chance to lease thousands of new laptop computers.

Henrico County School Board chairman Stuart Myers told US newspaper The Richmond Times: "It was a good proposal but it wasn't compelling."

According to the report, Apple offered to trade-in Henrico's 18,000 iBooks handed out to students in 2001, for 23,000 new computers.

Myers said that the iBook laptops, currently being used in middle and high schools in the district, are in "good shape and will be ready for students when they return to school in September".

Myers added: "The board is confident that if it decides to renew the Apple lease in 2005 it can get at least as good a deal." The current lease for the Henrico high school runs out at the end of the 2004-2005 school year. The middle school lease runs out the following year.