Apple's one-for-one iBook deal in Stillwater, Minnesotta is to proceed despite local opposition, reports The Stillwater Gazette.

It reports that the deal will go ahead as breaking the contract already agreed and signed with Apple would be "too expensive."

The deal – which originally gave every junior high school student and teachers at two schools a Mac – was originally valued at $2.85 million. Local opposition saw the deal reduced to cover just 1,130 teachers and kids at a cost of $1.7 million.

Resistance has been driven by the need to deliver education on a limited budget, but Keith Ryskoski, District director of administrative services and technology, is confident that the laptop initiative will work: "I think once people see it, it will sell itself," he said.

A school board member quoted in the report adds: "I suspect we'll find that an engaged student completes assignments more readily, gets better grades, performs better on tests, and is less likely to drop out".