Students are less likely to be propping up the bar and more likely to be bopping to songs on their iPods, at least in the US, a survey shows.

US research company Student Monitor surveys US students twice a year, and iPods are cooler than beer, according to its recent survey of 1,200 students.

An astonishing 73 per cent of students polled said iPods were "in" - more than text messaging, music downloading or even bar hopping. That's up significantly since this time last year, when only 59 per cent of students ranked the iPod above liquor.

It's not a total disaster for breweries, as beer-drinking remains the second-most "in-thing" on the list. The last time beer fell from first place grace was in 1997 - when it was dethroned by the internet, according to a syndicated Associated Press report.

Student Monitor called the iPod's popularity a "remarkable sign".

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