Every K-12 (the equivalent of nursery through to high school in the UK) teacher in the US is eligible to a free copy of Mac OS X 10.2 as part of Apple's X for Teachers program.

An Apple source said: "This offer is open to US-based teachers. Apple is evaluating its options for Europe."

The free copy of Mac OS X 10.2 will be accompanied by free copies of Apple's digital-hub applications: iMovie for digital-video editing; iPhoto for organizing and sharing digital photos; and iTunes for building a digital audio library.

Apple's vice president of education John Couch said: "Getting Jaguar and a training CD for free makes it easy for teachers to move to Mac OS X, so they can spend more time using technology in the classroom and less time making it all work.

"Apple has delivered innovative products to teachers and schools for over 25 years, and Mac OS X is our best ever."

Mac OS X 10.2 is available free to all K-12 teachers in the US until December 31, 2002.