US mobile phone networks are positive there’s a future for their music services, dismissing Apple as a “niche player”.

A report on The Register looks at the slow development of mobile music services, but points out the high level of support such services are attracting from major labels.

It observes that if it launches a mobile network iPod/phone hybrid, Apple will have to grapple with everyday problems, including dropped calls, network connectivity, and more.

According to the report, mobile telcos are looking to bundling as a way to generate more sales - combined song, ringtone and video sales are a possibility, it says.

Network operator Cingular's director of entertainment and content Mark Nagel observed that Apple’s 44 million iPod sales so far still leave it as a niche player in the mobile space.

It also looks at the work mobile companies are doing to create easy-to-search stores that are accessible through mobile handsets.

US operator Sprint yesterday revealed itself to have sold two million songs since it launched its service on October 34, 2005.

It’s worth noting that Apple accomplished similar sales within just six weeks of launching it’s then US-only, Mac-only iTunes music store in April 2003.