The University of California, Berkeley, has made its growing catalogue of course lectures available to the world's public through iTunes.

It's an extension of an exisiting set-up under which the University has made educational material available to students through the 'Berkeley on iTunes U' area of the iTunes service. The courses are fully available to the public, without password protection restricting the materials to students and alumni.

"This reinforces the digital bridge to our students, alumni and the world, and allows us to explore new distribution channels," said Obadiah Greenberg, product manager for UC Berkeley's local site that delivers course and event content as podcasts and streaming video. "It also allows UC Berkeley to broaden what we make available, including video podcasts and other digital material."

Greenberg explained: "As a public university, UC Berkeley has a tradition of openness," Greenberg said. "It really speaks to our motto 'Fiat Lux': 'Let there be light'.

This semester, webcast.berkeley has offered 30 courses as podcasts, including 'Foundations of American Cyberculture', 'Introduction to Chemistry', 'Wildlife Ecology' and 'Introductory Physics'.