As Apple prepares to announce its rack-mounted server solution, NTI (Network Technologies Incorporated) has introduced its innovative, rack-mounted USB Matrix KVM Switch – a device that lets up to eight users control up to 32 USB-enabled Macs, Windows PCs, or Sun computers.

The solution can be cascaded – up to 512 computers can ultimately be supported, making it possible to set-up a server-farm.

Users can individually command or simultaneously share the computers. The solution supports Apple’s keyboard-based power-on capability. Any USB keyboard and mouse can be used to control any USB host-computer.

Hot-pluggable The Matrix features NTI’s patented USB electronic auto-boot technology, so users can boot up all the attached computers in one operation.

USB host-computers and USB devices can also be removed at any time, as the solution is hot-pluggable. The switch can also be powered-down without having to reboot the attached computers.

It runs in four operation modes: scan, broadcast, command, and share. The switch costs between $1,200 and $9,995, depending on set-up. More information is available online.