The LA Final Cut Pro User Group has released the results of this year's Top Ten Final Cut pro feature requests.

The group reveals that a total of 1,446 people voted in a ballot of 62 of the most requested features heard of or posted on a variety of Final; Cut forums.

According to the group the last time it did this Apple included over two thirds of its requests in a future version of Final Cut Pro.

The leading feature requests (in order of preference, most requested first) for Apple's market-leading video editing product are:

Multicamera track synch up, grouping and rapid angle-switching capability, one to nine video tracks at least.

Background rendering.

Improve the basic digital video codec to make it the paradigm in the industry.

Scratch disk locations carried with the Project file, not Final Cut Pro preferences.

Distributed network rendering.

Interface improvements - add colour, larger fonts, bigger thumbnail views.

Mixed formats in the Timeline working in real time.

Preferences to be project-based, rather than System-based.

Timeline view scrolls to follow playhead, or ignores playhead - offer an option?