Ultralingua has released version 6 of its powerful language dictionaries for Mac, Windows, Palm and Windows Mobile systems.

The new versions are faster and better-featured than before. The new dictionaries can: "Automatically detect the forms of words, and even decipher misspellings made by the user," says Bill Upham, Ultralingua spokesperson.

The company sells dictionaries for English, and numerous translation dictionaries: French-English, Spanish-English, Portuguese-English, German-English, and more.

Along with defintions and translations, Ultralingua dictionaries include verb conjugators, number-to-text converters, and language reference guides, including full grammar manuals for several languages.

The Mac and Windows versions can work with many other applications, so users can click on a word in other applications to trigger a pop-up window containing the translation.

Ultralingua 6 costs $29.95 per language. Free demo versions of the software are available for download from the company.