Leading UK institution the Victoria and Albert Museum has launched a regular podcast.

The images and audio podcasts feature curators, conservationists and researchers telling their stories about the art in the Paintings Gallery. Images accompanying the audio let podcast receivers see what makes the experts tick.

It's the first podcast to be published by a museum or gallery in the UK and is part of the museum's 'Every Object Tells A Story' campaign. This campaign asks museum workers, experts and the public to share their accounts or feelings on the world-class exhibits held in the gallery.

Every Object Tells A Story Site Editor Susan McFarland told 24-hour Museum News: "There are often audio guides for special exhibitions, but there tends to be a paucity of guides for existing collections, so this is a way to bring them to life."

The Paintings Gallery is the first to be the subject of podcasts, but the idea will be taken elsewhere in time, funding allowing. There are currently six available episodes of the podcast.

Podcast feeds are available here.