Mireth Technology has released iVCD, the newest version of its VCD-authoring software.

iVCD lets Mac OS X users make video CDs (MPEG-1) and super-video CDs (MPEG-2). VCD is a popular format in the Far East because of its affordability, and was the precursor to DVDs. It allows movies to be stored on conventional CDs, offering up to 60 minutes of VHS or-better-quality playback per CD.

The software lets Mac users create VCDs from iMovie or QuickTime files, and supports both PAL and NTSC. The software stores each movie made in a separate project folder, so users can easily make copies.

Additional features include the capacity to play .Mov files, erase CD-RWs, and the ability to automatically launch third-party CD-authoring software. It supports drag-&-drop, and works with G3 and G4 processors. It costs $29.95.