iPods will become a common feature at Zoom Systems vending machines across the US.

Since April, the company has been selling iPods across the country in its vending machines ("robotic product delivery systems"). The first iPods were sold in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and the players can now be found in "Zoom Shop" machines operating in malls, hotels and grocery stores across the country, the company said.

Though Zoom Shops sell plenty of other products, including digital cameras and snacks, the iPod is the top seller, said Rick Cusick, Zoom Systems' executive vice president of merchandising: "It seems to unleash an incredible impulse opportunity," he said. "You can walk up and buy and iPod in 20 seconds."

Because the products don't ship with any pre-installed music library, the iPods are often purchased as gifts. Consumers who are turned off by the shopping experience at consumer retail outlets seem to respond to the instant gratification offered by a seven-foot-high, (2.13-metre) seven-foot-wide machine, Cusick said.

People who change their minds after buying an iPod can mail the product back to Zoom Systems for a refund, Cusick said. "We offer a 30-day return if you have any buyer's remorse or if you have any issue with the product."

Having just phased out the iPod minis, the company is now selling the iPod shuffle and iPod nano in its machines. Next month, it plans to begin selling Apple's latest video-enabled iPods.

Zoom Systems hopes to have more than 100 of its mechanical shops in operation by the end of this year and is planning for about 600 machines next year. In addition to Atlanta, the machines can be found at San Francisco International Airport, and Zoom Systems is in negotiations with 30 other airports, hoping to make the machines a common sight for US travellers.