Popular updaters Web site VersionTracker has announced two subscription-based services, VersionTracker Pro 2.0 and VersionTracker Plus.

VersionTracker Plus is an enhanced version of the company’s existing service, adding filters for updates, and custom email alerts to help users grab the updates they require.

The service offers a Download cart, which collects defined updates as they become available. There’s also a list of top downloads; an archive searchable by date; improved search facilities; and a simplified download system. This service launches on May 23 and costs $24.95 per year – pre-orders enjoy a $5 discount until the service launches.

VersionTracker Pro VersionTracker Pro offers a new client interface with an update ticker, and will handle the needs of up to ten Macs at once. Administrators can configure the service to update ten Macs, all through a Web-based interface. There’s a Mac OS X-only palette with updates posted continuously to the desktop – it also includes all of VersionTracker Plus’s features. VersionTracker Pro launches on May 23 and costs $49.95 per year. A download is required.

“With Plus, subscribers can personally track all their software in real time and be the first to know about new releases, patches, and upgrades,” said VersionTracker founder Kurt Christensen. “It’s a natural extension of the VersionTracker mission to help users manage the software on their machines more efficiently.”