IBM's ViaVoice speech-recognition software is finally shipping in the UK.

First announced at Macworld New York last year, the software has been shipping in the US since December 1999. The UK English version was delayed while IBM’s developers built a new vocabulary and pronunciation database for British users.

ViaVoice Millennium Edition for the Mac costs £69.99 (including VAT) and comes with a headset microphone – iMac colour-coordinated models are available. It has a vocabulary of 100,000 words, and users can add 64,000 new ones.

The software has a set-up assistant to help users get started quickly, and has features such as the ability to format and edit text during dictation, or afterwards. Text is dictated directly into ViaVoice's own SpeakPad word processor and can then be exported to other applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express or AOL.