An Amercian English version of ViaVoice Millennium Edition 1.0 from IBM is now shipping in the US.

An IBM spokesman said a UK version will not be available until the end of the first quarter next year, due to the need to build a new vocabulary and pronunciation database for the UK.

ViaVoice offers Macintosh users a speech interface to perform tasks such as creating email and editing documents by speaking.

ViaVoice creates text from vocal input, and transfers this into applications such as Word or AppleWorks. The software includes a 64,000-word vocabulary and integrates with Apple's text-to-speech utility. This allows the software to read back what you have written.

ViaVoice Millennium Edition requires Mac OS 8.5.1 or better, a 233MHz processor, 48MB RAM, 200MB-disk space and a CD drive. It's on sale in the US for $89.95.