Video content producers are lining up to produce a slew of content for iTunes 6 and the iPod video.

It's clear that Apple will benefit from a deluge of sales of QuickTime Pro licenses.

In the UK this morning, 7 Digital released several new music videos and television shows that are compatible with the new iPods.

The selection includes Coldplay and Gorillaz videos along with episodes of Fifth Gear and Dirty Sanchez. They cost £1.99 a pop.

In the UK, multiple media companies, including television broadcasters, are exploring the possibility of making such content available.

Video podcasting in focus

It also appears new iPod owners can look forward to a deluge of podcasts, both free and commercial.

Reuters predicts, "a deluge of outspoken commentary, religious sermons and pornography".

A US pastor Tim Hohm sees the feature as "a fantastic opportunity", and hopes to add video to his podcast in an attempt to preach to people.

Clearly politicians will use the technology, but the sex trade also seems set to complete the taboo dinner party triptych of politics, sex and religion.

Mark Kernes, a senior editor at the Adult Video News trade magazine told Reuters that he expects adult content for the device, observing: "Anybody that's got a video iPod is probably going to want to have a couple of porn clips on there, just to have," he said - but you won't watch it in public.

Broadcasting transformed

Apple' deal with Disney's ABC to offer fee-based TV programmes for iTunes and the new video-enabled iPod has put the jitters up some of ABC's affiliated broadcasters.

They fear that making shows available in this way will impact against viewing figures - and therefore advertising revenues - for them when they choose to screen the shows.

Speaking to USA Today, Dene Callas of media buyer MediaCom said that ratings would be affected, however Disney-ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney argued that the deal could make the broadcasts more popular.

In a commentary this morning, The Independent wrote: "Companies such as ITV, which rely for their revenues on delivering a mass market to advertisers, will have to rethink their business models. Advertising- funded content will increasingly be replaced by paid-for content," in the future television industry.

"Media is fast moving from a 'provider decides' to a 'consumer makes the choice' model. Ever the visionary, Mr Jobs has positioned himself at the forefront of this revolution."

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