Digital Voodoo has released Mac OS X 10.2-compatible software for its range of PCI-based Standard Definition (SD) 10-bit uncompressed video capture and playback cards.

These units offer uncompressed QuickTime-based video capture and playback with software-based video editing solutions, including Final Cut Pro. The cards can also output as a second Mac monitor when not being used for video editing.

"Digital Voodoo customers can now take advantage of the speed and stability of Mac OS 10.2," said Gary Drury, software technology director of Digital Voodoo products.

"The added performance of OS 10.2 allows our development team to add exiting new real-time effects, such as colour correction and cross dissolves. Other features requested by users will be added in future to meet their editing and design broadcast needs."

The new drivers are available for download from the company's Web site to registered customers.