Digigami has announced its MegaPEG Batch encoder for MacOS, which can convert virtually any QuickTime movie to MPEG format.

MegaPEG enables Macintosh users to create VideoCD discs using Adaptec Toast. It can create the track-image format required by Toast for VideoCD authoring. The application lets iMovie and Final Cut Pro video editors create VideoCD discs on a Mac. It will also create VideoCD-compliant files that can be copied to PCs, and burned to a CD-R with Adaptec’s EZ CD Creator and other CD burning packages.

The application works with the Avid Cinema, VideoShop and Adobe Premiere video authoring/editing applications.

MegaPEG supports drag-&-drop, and offers eight encoder presets – VideoCD, DVD, Presentation and Internet. Custom settings can also be applied, and files may be processed in batches. The application will create MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 audio/video on the Mac.

Industry insiders say Apple will be making a major product announcement with regard to DVD, or VideoCD encoding and storage in the near future. Though this rumour cannot be confirmed, the release of this application by a third-party developer is a clear signal that Apple’s video-authoring technologies are gathering more importance.

The $495 MegaPEG is available for the special price of $299 for the next 90 days. A demo is also available.