Epic Interactive has released its real-time strategy game Northland for Macs.

This port from Windows is based on Viking culture, telling the saga of Bjarni the Viking. A party of four adventurers, including Bjarni, must prevail against an attack by a host of serpents, who threaten their land.

The plot sees Viking god Loki attempt to reap vengeance against Odin for banishing him from Asgard.

Loki, posing as someone else, gains the trust of the adventuring party and travels with them on the quest, weaving a web of intrigue to prevent its success. The final showdown takes place before Odin's throne.

On their trail, gamers must vanquish the serpents, create a miraculous amulet, free territories from the thrall of demons, travel through the underworld and free Odin from his prison of ice.

The title features eight single-player missions with several side missions, and three difficulty levels.

A demo version of the title is available for download.

The game costs €39 (about £22).