VillageTronics is introducing three new Macintosh graphics accelerators - the fourth generation of the VillageTronics graphics product line.

The products are designed to serve as an affordable two-monitor solution (MP760); a powerful upgrader to install G4 performance into a G3 Mac (MP 860); or as a tune-up for a new G4 model (MP 960).

The accelerators have the following specifications:

MP760: Voodoo3-2000 graphics processor; 8MB/143MHz SGRAM; 33/66MHz PCI Bus; 1,600-x-1,200-pixel top resolution. The price is £89.

MP860: Voodoo3-3000 graphics processor; 16MB/143MHz SGRAM; 33/66MHz PCI Bus, 2,032-x-1,200 pixel top resolution. It costs £129.

MP960: Voodoo3/3000/5 graphics processor; 16MB/183MHz SGRAM; 33/66MHz PCI Bus; 2,032-x-1,200 top resolution. The cost is £169.