US Mac reseller MacMall is selling refurbished Power Mac G5s the company claims were once part of Virginia Tech's supercomputer.

Virginia Tech has moved to replace its Power Macs with Xserves. The refurbished dual 2GHz Power Macs ship with 1GB DDR memory. A notice on the reseller's home page proclaims: "Own a piece of history".

MacMall has a short history of the history-making Virginia Tech project, and says: "Building on the original concept, Virginia Tech has ordered 1,100 Xserve G5 models to replace the current System X models due to the smaller size, stackability, and lower power consumption of the Xserve series.

"With the charge in digital guard, Virginia Tech has offered PC Mall a limited supply of original System X G5 models to be sold to the public. Not only can you now own a piece of computer history, but have one of the most powerful computer in the world working for you!"

The company is charging $2,799 for the refurbished Macs – it isn’t known if these machines ship with any certification of authenticity as former constituents of Virginia Tech's supercomputer.