Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been dubbed "the champion for Apple fans" in a magazine article.

The piece, in The Sunday Times supplement Doors, notes: "It is no wonder Apple devotees are developing a siege mentality," referring to the lack of Mac ISPs available.

The article goes on to praise's proficient helpdesk support, its Mac software-installation disk and ease of registration - users can sign-up online.

Local rates charges for Internet calls at local telephone rates and there are no monthly subscription fees. Features of's service include five free email addresses, 10MB of space to create a Web site, free online customer support, a choice of 24-hour technical support packages and regular software updates.

Macworld has documented the Macintosh users struggle to find an adequate ISP. In January we reported FreeServe's snub to Macs – its Anytime package excluded Macs.

Default ISP However, last month's news that Apple and Thus are forging an alliance to deliver a default ISP (Internet Service Provider) for UK Macintosh Users provided welcome relief.

Demon, a Thus subsidiary, will become the exclusive ISP of Apple’s Internet Setup Software, which will ship on all Macs sold in the UK.

The Doors article also recommends MacAce, a new provider that "typifies the anti-PC stance" it says.