Niemeijer Consult has released a virtual keyboard for touch-screens, graphics-tablet users, and those who want to reduce desktop clutter by removing their physical keyboard.

TouchStrokes virtual keyboard runs natively on Mac OS X. It works by drawing a keyboard image on the display, and types characters onto any application using mice, touch-screens, graphics-tablets, trackballs, head-pointing devices for disabled people, or other mouse emulators. It types anywhere a hardware keyboard can be used.

TouchStrokes adjusts to international keyboard layouts, and has multiple resizable keyboard models. It handles command-key combinations, dead-keys, click combinations, and offers a quick-access toolbar with customizable settings.

The suggested retail price for TouchStrokes is €110 (about £70). Discounts are available for users of KeyStrokes 2, and for volume purchases. A demo of the software is available for download.