Version 7 of Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac will be available in the UK from October 15.

According to Microsoft the new version is 10 to 30 per cent faster than its predecessors. It has been rewritten to run on the 64-bit G5 processor, offers improved performance, better graphics handling, faster saving, an easier user interface, and simplified printing.

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit product manager Scott Erickson said: "Compatibility is key to Mac users. Virtual PC 7 allows Mac users to run PC software with more speed and simplicity than ever before. And now that Virtual PC 7 is compatible with the G5, Mac users will be able to run it on Apple's latest hardware."

Apple VP Ron Okamoto said: "Microsoft is delivering important new features with the latest release of Virtual PC for Mac, including support for the amazing Power Mac G5. Virtual PC ensures cross-platform compatibility, offering a comprehensive solution for Mac users who need access to PC-only software and data."

A Flash demo is available at Microsoft's Web site.

Virtual PC 7 with Windows XP Professional will be available at major resellers in the UK from October 15 2004. It will cost £229.

Virtual PC 7 with Windows XP Professional is available as part of the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Professional Edition package, also available on October 15. It will cost £470. An upgrade version of Office 2004 Professional Edition is also available for £300.