Connectix has announced Virtual PC 6.0, the newest version of the company's PC emulator for Macs.

This version is squarely aimed at Mac OS X, but will run on OS 9. OS X users will enjoy additional features and speed improvements, however.

The company has developed its PC operating system emulator for Macs to a point that promises seamless use of the two on one machine.

For example, Virtual PC 6.0 integrates a Dock Start Menu. This lets users see the same files in OS X as are visible in Virtual PC – even if the emulation program isn't active. Users can choose which Windows OS is used to show Windows files using this feature. This is useful for those users who carry two or more Windows operating systems on their Mac. The Dock Start Menu will automatically launch the specified version of Windows when a file or application is activated.

This version can search emulated PC volumes for files and the capacity to back up such data, using Desktop Drive Mounting. Additional features include USB printer detection and full screen video support for Apple monitors.

An upgrade to version 6.0 is available for $99 download from Connectix. UK pricing for the different varieties of Virtual PC 6.0 (for example, Windows XP and 98) has not been announced.