Connectix has released a second beta version of Virtual PC Test Drive for Mac OS X.

The company claims the new version offers several improvements over the previous one. It is available for free testing by registered Virtual PC 4.0 users.

Changes include a fix to increase performance when running Windows 2000 that "dramatically" speeds boot-time and overall performance of Windows 2000, NT and XP Virtual Machines running in the Test Drive, claims Connectix.

PPP connections are more stable, and a problem has been fixed which caused Test Drive to crash when virtual machines were set to use Unique IP under Virtual PC 4.0.2 in OS 9.1 and then booted in Test Drive.

The Test Drive is a beta-preview version of the application set to time-out on January 31, 2002. Connectix isn't offering technical support, and encourages users to back-up data before use. It can run almost all PC operating systems, including: Windows 98; Windows Me; Windows 2000; Windows 95; NT; DOS; and several flavours of Linux.

Test Drive is available for download from the company. It's a 2.2MB file.