Connectix has released Virtual PC 5.0.2 for Macintosh, an upgrade to its OS X emulation package.

Virtual PC lets Mac users run Windows OS, and offers Virtual PC for a number of Windows operating systems, including Windows 98, Windows ME and, soon, Windows XP.

The company also offers a version for Windows users. For example, a Windows 98 PC user may emulate Windows XP on their computer. The company reports that its sales to the Windows market is one of its biggest growth areas.

The update offers a variety of performance enhancements. Network printing, serial port emulation, USB device and scripting support. It also improves network communications, authentication and permits access to the virtual OS layer to ease the process of fixing such problems as the legendary "blue screen".

The English language 10.5MB update is available for download from Connectix's Web site. International versions of the update will be released next week.