AssistiveWare has updated its VisioVoice software to help vision-impaired users use and manage their Mac.

VisioVoice is an award-winning product for blind and vision-impaired Mac users providing a number of speech and vision related features to enhance access to Mac OS X.

Handy features include the capacity to convert text, Word, HTML, PRF and RTF files into iPod-ready iTunes tracks; a document and selection reader with fast forward and rewind functions; and large cross-hair and target cursors.

The software also offers a spoken interface to help users navigates the screen; and introduces multilingual support to Apple's VoiceOver technology (initially French and Dutch).

The update lets the Document Reader works with encrypted PDFs.

VisioVoice ships with Infovox iVox, which allows the natural sounding, voices of the Acapela Group to be used by any Speech Manager compliant application in OS X, including Mac OS X 10.4's VoiceOver utility.

The software is available at a 25 per cent discount until 31 December. Ex-VAT promotional prices are: all languages (except Scandinavian) €185; Scandinavian languages, €289.