Visioneer, the original manufacturer of the PaperPort/Strobe colour-sheetfeed scanner, is returning to the Mac once again, with its Visioneer Strobe Pro scanner.

The compact, 30-bit colour sheet-feed scanner will come with a UK power supply cable, and USB connectivity – an optional SCSI interface is also available. The Strobe Pro comes with Mac OS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT support in one box, and costs £179.99 (including VAT). It will be available in the UK in the next three weeks.

The Strobe Pro was originally released as the PaperPort, and took the Mac market by storm – but was withdrawn after the company decided to focus on the PC marketplace.

"We received hundreds of calls and emails begging us to release the products for the Mac," said Richard Strong, Visioneer’s Europe managing director.

John Blair, Visioneer’s marketing and engineering VP, said Apple’s success in recapturing market-share had "influenced the decision". He added: "Apple is clearly coming back as a force in the industry."

Blair also revealed that Visioneer’s software partner, Scansoft – which recently purchased both Caere Systems and a number of Metacreations’ Goo products – is firmly commited to supporting the Mac.