Just a little more than two months after its initial launch in Italy, online music company Vitaminic has opened an office in London – along with a Web site for UK users at http://www.vitaminic.co.uk/.

Vitaminic is the largest European Web site dedicated to the legal distribution of MP3 files, and already offers music for download from more than 1,000 independent artists.

"Vitaminic is, at the moment, the only Italian startup company that works in the Internet field, with European ambitions," said Elserino Piol, president of Pino Venture Partners, and advisor of the European venture capitalist company that is backing Vitaminic, KIWII. Piol added that the company intends to open offices in France, Germany and Spain.

"We want to become a leader in Europe in the field of music distribution via the Internet. And, to become the most popular site on the Web for European users and artists, who are looking for a new way to get and release independent music," said Gianluca Dettori, chief executive officer of Vitaminic. "Furthermore, we want to develop a service that is, at the same time, good for all European users, and able to deliver local information and news."