VR Toolbox has announced VR Worx 2.0, its updated suite of authoring tools for QuickTime VR.

The software can create panoramic movies, object movies and multi-node scenes in the QuickTime format. VR Worx can also generate an Object Movie that has an Object within a Panoramic background.

VR Worx 2.0 is also scriptable via AppleScript, and offers the option to reference source images, or to bring source images into project documents. Transitions - such as Cross Fade, Wipe and Zoom are also supported, and the results can be optimized for the Web.

The application lets users create interactive-QuickTime VR movies quickly, simply and professionally with any kind of camera, according to the company. VR Worx 2.0 comes on a hybrid Mac and Windows-friendly CD-ROM, and costs $299.99.

Upgrades to VR Worx 2.0 for registered users are available from VR Toolbox.