UK developer FXpansion has announced a new plug-in adaptor designed to let users of Audio Unit-compatible applications such as Peak 4, Logic 6, Digital Performer 4 to use VST-effects plug-ins and instruments.

Mac-using audio pros have expressed concern that Apple's move to adopt Audio Units as its plug-in architecture for Core Audio in Mac OS X effectively disables existing VST plug-ins. Steinberg's VST plug-in architecture is widely-used by digital musicians. The architecture is supported by a host of third-party software developers, including TC-Works.

FXpansion's VST-to-Audio Unit adaptor lets users of Audio Unit-supporting applications access VST plug-ins. The company describes its solution as "transparent" to the user. VST plug-ins load and behave like native Audio Units.

FXpansion said: "It uses virtually no CPU, and is compatible with a huge range of VST plug-ins from vendors such as Steinberg, Waves, TC-Works, Prosoniq, LinPlug, MDA, reFX, DSound, PSP and Waldorf."

The product ships later this month and costs $75. More information about the solution is available from the company.