In an attempt to improve cooperation with Chinese internet companies and academics, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plans to open its first office in China later this month.

The web standards group is setting up its office to tap into Chinese work on internet technologies that can help its own standards efforts. In particular, W3C wants to draw on Chinese work on internationalisation technologies and mobile web access. "To achieve its goal of the full potential for the web, W3C needs Chinese expertise," the group said.

The W3C will also use its office to promote the use of international web standards in China.

As China's IT industry has developed, the government has pushed companies to play a bigger role in international standards efforts.

Perhaps the best known of these efforts is the development of China's homegrown 3G (third-generation) mobile technology, TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access), but efforts are underway in other areas as well, including wireless network security and audio-visual codecs.

The new W3C office will open on April 27 at Beihang University's School of Computer Science & Engineering in Beijing.