Wacom Europe has announced its high-end pen display, the Cintiq 18SX Interactive Pen Display, first demonstrated at NAB 2002.

Available mid-June, the Cintiq 18SX offers a plethora of new features, including a redesigned precision engineered stand, an improved Grip Pen (requiring 40 per cent less grip power than a conventional pen), support for higher resolutions and a larger (18.1-inch) screen size.

Cintiq 18SX combines Wacom's patented tablet technology with a custom-built, high-quality LCD screen. The screen acts as a monitor, offering access to applications and files in the same way as a conventional display – but using the pen as an interface. It means designers, CAD artists, or video/audio editors can work naturally using the pen and monitor.

Paper and pen The redesigned stand lets the display be rotated through +/- 18-degrees, bringing the solution closer to the familiar paradigm of working with paper and pen. The screen offers a 160-degree viewing angle (horizontal and vertical).

The display can also be removed from its base for use as a lap-mounted sketchpad. Wacom has combined all the cabling together into one cable - carrying digital and analogue video data, USB signals, power and display information. These cables were separate in earlier models in the range. Each unit comes with both USB and serial connections, and offers standard digital (DVI) and analogue (VGA-RGB) video interfaces. The display refresh rate is 25 milliseconds.

The 18.1-inch (diagonal) display offers an SXGA (Super Extended Graphics Array) resolution of 1,280-x-1,024 with 24-bit colour depth, supporting about 1.3 million pixels. The screen has been given an anti-glare coating to reduce reflection while providing a small amount of friction when using the pen. The product supports ICC colour profiles.

The pressure-sensitive pen is rubberized for better grip. It supports 512 levels of pressure.

The product costs £2,895, and ships with Corel Painter Classic. It's compatible with Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.51 or later, and will be distributed by Computers Unlimited (020 8200 8282) in the UK.