Warner Brothers Studios is to take a leaf from Paramount's book, opting to release DVDs in both Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats.

The move follows failed industry attempts to launch a unified standard for next-generation high definition DVD.

HD-DVD provides 15GB or 30GB and Blu-ray Disc 25GB or 50GB, depending on the disc. but the two are incompatible with each other due to a difference in the depth of the recording layer inside the disc. HD-DVD follows DVD and puts the recording layer midway through the disc while Blu-ray Disc has it much closer to the surface.

The HD-DVD format was developed by Toshiba and NEC and backed by the DVD Forum. Other major backers include Warner Home Video, New Line Cinema, HBO, Universal Pictures, Sanyo Electric, Intel and Microsoft.

Blu-ray Disc is backed by a much larger number of equipment makers including Sony, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), Samsung Electronics, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Koninklijke Philips Electronics. Content provider support has come from Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Lions Gate Home Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

PlayStation 3 will support Blu-Ray.