FileMaker International has released FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited.

The application includes the full functionality of FileMaker 5,5, including OS X compatibility, Aqua interface support, and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) for exchanging data.

Interface and data fields are customizable in FileMaker 5.5, which handles a variety of data records, including contacts, video, images, and graphics.

The FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited package offers workgroups the tools they need to share and publish databases over the Web. Once in place, users can access the database using a Web browser. The Web-based databases are searchable, updatable and records can be added using a browser. The package contains the Database CGI, Web Server and FileMaker 5.5 application.

FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited's Web Server Connector has been improved, so the FileMaker database can integrate with a wider selection of Web servers. This version also provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support. FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited may also be used with a wide variety of middleware applications, CGIs and application servers for large-scale implementations.

FileMaker claims that when databases are published on the Web they are indistinguishable from their desktop-based cousins. The package has also been developed to make Web deployment of data as simple as possible. Such simplicity is boosted by the built-in Web server helps make the process easier, the company claims.

Custom-made FileMaker Web Server Connector is a tool for Custom Web publishing that bridges the gap between FileMaker and robust Web servers, for example Unix servers. This is how the application is able to take advantage of SSL and server-side security technologies. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) are also supported.

This version supports a record-by-record safety feature. This controls users access and usage of data. There's a number of access and security features on board designed to make implementation of access restrictions as flexible as possible.

With additional copies of FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited, it's possible to set up a RAIC (redundant array of inexpensive computers) and use the FileMaker Web Server Connector to distribute request processing across multiple computers.

Web-based remote administration is also supported. Macintosh system requirements for Mac OS X include: 128MB RAM and Mac OS X 10.0.4 or later. The application also supports Mac OS 8.1 to 9.1. FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited costs £799 (ex VAT). Upgrading from a previous version costs £399.