A picture alleged to be of Apple's new iMac has fallen into the hands of an IT Web site.

Publisher of the image, The Register, scoffs at the picture, which amalgamates three Apple hardware rumours circulating at the moment. The new iMac is alleged to be a hybrid of a flat-screen and a Mac tablet with Quartz capabilities.

The source of the image says that the new iMac's LCD screen can be removed and used as a Web pad. The iMac can also be independently powered through it’s own battery and has a wireless connection.

OS X exclusive The processing power of the new iMac's LCD display enables it to display Quartz data, implying that it runs on Mac OS X only. Quartz is the imaging layer of OS X.

The computer also features a DVD slot and is a thin server for X Server and WebOjects deployment. It can also be used to control a number of servers via a change of TCP/IP address and a control panel wired into the hardware.

Apple's recent moves to run down inventories of the iMac hints that something may be afoot, and that a new iMac could be launched at Macworld Expo and Conference in New York.