will be Webcasting the New York Music and Internet Expo, March 3-5, using technologies from Apple, and wireless solutions from Lucent.

A roving team of reporters will broadcast live from the Expo.

The New York Music and Internet Expo is focused on making sense of the Internet and its influence on the music industry, with particular focus on the new opportunities created for fans, musicians and the music business.

The company expects to deliver a strong, TV news-type format, broadcast live over the Internet by small, mobile, news-gathering units. Dr Timothy Leary, writing about the Internet in his book, "Design for dying" predicted such units would become the future of broadcasting. Herve Petit, of LaCie, last week described his company's work to create such mobile newsgathering units for CNN's news teams. is a group dedicated to establishing an online community focused on discovering and experiencing music through new technologies, according to the company.